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MARS Rating System

The MARS is an automated modeling agencies rating system that is not only a tool to facilitate business decisions within the fashion industry, but moreover to regulate the agencies market with a fully transparent and non-profit instrument.
As the very first digital automated quotation system of its kind, the MARS is part of the EADQS-series and currently running in a ready-to-market mode to prepare an official launch and worldwide integration across agencies websites.
In an agreement with the Fashion One Group, the MARS found its first integration in the world’s largest fashion database FMD, which was also chosen to be an official data provider of high quality for the system .
The project is developed and backed by EDAQS in cooperation with a number of industry backers, who are supporting more transparency within the agencies industry.
Grounded on the strict guidelines of our DAQ principles, the MARS is taking a large number of facts and data into account to rate a modeling agency. Apart from their market presence, several primary and secondary values are offering a broad image and evalaution of the company. Mars ratings are informed opinions based on factual evidence and relative measures of market performance.
Nevertheless, the ratings are not only based on the current performance, but also on the history of an agency as well as the place of operations.
All the ratings are opinions based on information available to the MARS. This includes publicly available information as well as undisclosed data and information provided to MARS by its data partners and third parties. Therefore, a rating can only be calculated in case of a sufficient amount of information available to the system.
In maintaining its ratings, the MARS relies on data it gains from its official data partners as well as third party providers it believes to be credible.
The MARS will be used as a sub-value for the IFDAQ algorithms and the final version offers a whitepaper with all the necessary information to keep a transparent system.

For further information , please visit the official presentation website.


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