EDAQS | ISDAQ Pro (soccer / ass. football)
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ISDAQ Pro (soccer / ass. football)

The soccer market has always been stage for speculative and media-influenced player transfers. Due to these uncontrolled and degenerating events on the transfer markets, and in accordance with the FIFA statues, we have introduced the ISDAQ Pro, a global and unique instrument for this market.
The ISDAQ Pro (acronym for International Soccer DAQ) disposes of a profound algorithm, which allows a highly precise market evaluation of a professional soccer player of the upper leagues by respecting not only public available performance data, but also internal team information of cooperating football clubs.
Including an immense selection of sub-instruments, the ISDAQ Pro also specializes on prognostic and scientifically proofed algorithms that are meant to improve the efficiency of a club’s budget.
Besides that, the primary goal is to reach the maximum transparency for all involved parties but especially for clubs, investors and sponsors.
The current ISDAQ Pro is limited to the European leagues and is targeting the support of all governing bodies within this sport.


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