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IFDAQ AI Technology

The IFDAQ I (commonly referred to as IFDAQ) is the very first automated quotation system of the EDAQS series and is considered as the most powerful benchmark instrument and professional analysis instrument in fashion, which is based on the most advanced technologies of Artificial Intelligence and introduces a new era of intelligent and unrivaled quantification.
Started in 2008, the IFDAQ lead to be a perfect example of how to calculate a final benchmark value from decisive factors under the most complex conditions, which guarantee an accurate and precise rating of a professional fashion model.

The IFDAQ I is the headstone of a number of succeeding EDAQ systems and hence, it introduced a new era of highly intelligent data processing with unmatched quantification systems.
Its precision and prognostic evaluation, which accurately defines the career conditional benchmark and market potential of a professional fashion entity respectively, has made it being a reliable and mighty system with a set of differentiated and scientific methodologies.
Besides front row modeling agencies and managements, the IFDAQ has seen prominent supporters within the leading fashion groups, who are able to spot the next big name at the best market prices this way.
Its first introduction in 2011, has also found a number of assisting sports and media groups, who motivated us to port the concept to the sports, resulting in the newly announced sports EDAQS (SPODAQ series).
The IFDAQ I has been developed in cooperation with the Fashion One Group and its data partners, and is sponsored by a pool of reputable and important fashion companies.
Today, the IFDAQ is an outstanding example of how powerful digital information can be quantified and converted into an unrivaled and crystal clear regulatory tool, which hasn’t only the “raison d’être” but moreover the obligation to provide full transparency and veridical facts. With success.
In addition to being a groundbreaking and unique analysis tool for the fashion industry, the IFDAQ has gained prominent support from several leading fashion mavens who are able to spot the next big name at the right moment.


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Fashion Industry
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2.0 (2020)

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FIU - Fashion Intelligence Unit (IFDAQ)

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