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IRDAQ I for FiBa

The IRDAQ I for the Financial and Banking system (FiBA) has a mission to achieve the maximum possible creation of transparency within the capital markets by providing a real-time bank stress test.

Based on a distinctive set of economic data, such as official balances, records and credits, as well as ratings from reputable CRAs (credit rating agencies) and guarantee insurances, the algorithm of the IRDAQ I for FiBA offers an extensive and ingenious system of complex analysis that reflects the investment behavior and strategies of the rated entity.

The primary aim is a global commitment to transparency for all system relevant financial institutions and to provide all the necessary data to the public, such as revised balances, postponed write-offs, portfolios and especially non-performing loans (NPLs), which have gained increasing attentions over the last years.

The immediate consequence of the missing transparency in this field leads inevitably to new crisis within the capital markets. EDAQS Alpha’s recent studies confirmed that the asset quality is a trustable and substantial predictor of upcoming difficulties and a probable insolvency, since most failing banking institutions had a high level of NPLs prior to failure. Following this, considering the previous and ongoing financial crisis, high risk and speculative positions along with an above-average amount has been found to be one of the major causes of economic stagnation.

The result of the IRDAQ I for FiBA is to be understood as an objective and fact-based risk-assessment for the public, the investors and governments, and therefore falls under the non-profit regulation of the EDAQS projects.
The ultimate aim is to motivate banks to join this transparency-based project to disclose non-public data.
Until this progress has been completed, IRDAQ I replaces such data by using sophisticated sub-algorithms that are calculated from automated data quantification and hybrid research systems.


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