EDAQS | FACER (Fashion City Economic Rating)
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FACER (Fashion City Economic Rating)

A minor DAQ system with a huge effect. The FACER, who recently left the experimental development, is the first instrument that measures the importance of a city within the fashion industry.
To achieve these results, the multi-layered algorithm of the FACER has been structured to include all type of branches, including magazines, agencies and last but not least all fashion brands of a city as well as the acceptance of the fashion city in the same.
Due to its major importance in all related fashion EDAQS, the official lists of the FACER remain unpublished until the full set of IFDAQ series have been released.


Published with Defensive Publication
IFDAQ Exclusive


EDAQS systems
Public (from v2.0)
Fashion Industry


1.1(Final - Codename Amsterdam)


Economy, Fashion, Regulatory