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DAC (Dynamically Automated Currency)

A traditional currency in a modern way.
The DAC (acronym for Dynamically Automated Currency ; symbol = Đ) is the very first Dynamically Automated Currency that combines all advantages of a crypto-currency with crisis-proof or stable values and a traditional currency. The composition is fully transparent to prevent a damage of the DAC-system through speculations and further dilution attempts.
Unlike known crypto-currencies, such as the Bitcoin, the DAC is asset-backed and offers a real value without the need of a centralized bank. Thanks to a sophisticated dynamic algorithm that manages an AI-driven block chain, the currency is able to easily control inflation risks due to a number of adjustable sub-values and its own internal rating (DACIR).
That way, each included value that forms a single DAC unit is internally rated to optimize the stabilization with the needed transparence and motivation, before re-weighting the stable value.
Armed with a great selection of different risk evaluation systems that are connected to the capital markets in real-time, the DAC has found great enthusiasm among some of the most notable financial institutions.
Introducing the DICE technology
The DICE (SmartDAC) technology is a science-based and revolutionary protection system that offers a digitally encrypted and hence, an unforgeable monetary system. Apart from a secure electronic payment system, the DICE also allows a real-time authenticity verification of banknotes through a contactless and trackable next generation RFID-Chip.
DICE combines paper money with the digital power of a Military-grade security encryption to take advantage of a unique and digital automated verification system that resides on an imprinted µ-Chip.
DICE is an independent technology and is being developed in cooperation with leading governments and central/national banks.


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