EDAQS | IFDAQ III (F for Fashion Companies)
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IFDAQ III (F for Fashion Companies)

As a financial instrument and based on industry relevant facts, the IFDAQ III (or F for Fashion Companies) retrieves its fundamental and necessary market data from the industry and combines them with a diversified set of technical performance tools.
This combination allows to calculate a precise reference value along with a prognosis of the fashion venture and regardless of its financial structure and branch.
The goal is to provide a highly accurate analysis instrument to the industry and investors, especially for publicly traded fashion companies.
The IFDAQ III is currently an experimental non-profit project that is being developed and calibrated in cooperation with partners from the capital market and the fashion industry.


Published with Defensive Publication
Industry Exclusive


Fashion Industry
Public (OD from v1.0)


0.3.1 (Experimental/Alpha)

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