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EDAQS. How they can help you.

As much as EDAQS are versatile in their usage, as much they can help you in many different and exciting ways.

Although our systems were only available to governments and selected partners until recently, we are now offering custom systems to corporate clients and non-profit organizations.

Our systems are configured to determine an accurate and precise evaluation of an item in any industry with the help of relevant factors and internal computational models, which may then be viewed as the final evaluation.

Each of our systems comes with a calibrated QMS (Quality Monitoring System) and the functionality to back- and test-calculate the algorithm on place or remotely.
A multi-triggered surveillance system supervises the algorithm’s functionality and reports incorrect datasets and errors in all EDAQS to react and calibrate the in real-time.

Digital Automation

A DAQ system improves your company and business structure, in any imaginable way. We are able to optimize and automatize everything that is administrable automatically. From your budgetary management to the whole administration of your company.
It replaces error-prone parts of your business to subsequently increase the efficiency of the others by to unifying and simplifying processes in your structure.

Outstanding Perfection

A DAQ is able to support your company’s management as a whole. In such cases, the system calculates the risks under all possible scenarios. It offers you internal indicators to any important value that makes a healthy management, such as your company’s growth, investment or even credit potential.
Imagine a system that predicts your company’s future and tells you how to manage your revenue and assets to keep the risks low. At the same time, you are able to understand the sustainability of your company and whether you shall increase your number of employees or not.
All what is done by a large number of executives today, can be done by one single DAQ system tomorrow – under your supervision.


Our EDAQS are here to solve problems and to increase the efficiency wherever possible. Therefore, we develop new EDAQS not only for companies that may use it as a commercial system to enhance their business, but moreover we offer our systems to governments and non-profit organizations for the public benefit.

The Future Is Today.

If you are interested in knowing more about EDAQS and how they may help you or if you think your non-profit organization could need an EDAQS to solve global or local problems to improve the people’s life or quality of services, you should get in touch with us.


Your business. Maximize your efficiency and let DAQ do your work. A DAQ offers the absolute precision to master your administrative and calculable tasks.


Your tasks. Take advantage of an automated system that reduces costs and errors.


Your company’s risks with one system. A DAQ summarizes and predicts all substantial risks on one screen.


A healthy growth is the Alpha and Omega today and your DAQ tells you how. Don’t miss this chance.

One of our non-profit EDAQS includes an automated budgetary control system of an entire region.
All done with one Digital Automated Quotation system.