EDAQS | REEVAQ (Review Evaluations Automated Quotation)
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REEVAQ (Review Evaluations Automated Quotation)

The REEVAQ (Review Evaluations Automated Quotation) is the first unifier for review of the consumer market. The mission is to merge and weight all qualified, reputable and accredited reviews of non-profit and independent institutions, (a.o. Stiftung Warentest in Germany), to result in a final and transparent quotation. Today, we have several values for one and the same consumer product from different institutions with different rating methods, which leave the consumer in a flood of data that is practically useless to him.
In such cases, the REEVAQ guides you through the reliability of these values with an impeccable precision, which provides an error-based automated weighting of the rating-issued institutes.
The primary markets that have been tested with the REEVAQ are Germany, USA, UK
The REEVAQ is meant to be a consumer information instrument and is currently being tested on the German market.


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