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ITAQ Global Tennis Rating

The ITAQ system (acronym for International Tennis Automated Quotation) is a global rating system for the tennis sport that precisely determines the playing skills of a player based on a fully dynamic and multi-layered AI-system that even spots match manipulation on the professional level.

The goal of the multi-layered EDAQS-system is to create a real-time rating series, which includes standalone-ratings for tennis players (from the professional player to the beginner), tournaments, teams as well as for tennis clubs.

The benefits of the product are not only a global benchmark for an international skill comparison, but furthermore it allows a very reasonable regulation of the global tennis game in a transparent and scientific way by offering decisive values beyond simply providing rules.

Started in 2014 as an initiative to improve ITF’s global benchmark for player skills, the ITAQ is set to rate the entire range from ITN-rating one to ten and consequently, from the professional player down to the absolute beginner. Subsequently, the ITAQ will serve as a global benchmark for an international skill comparison.

Based on the most innovative technologies of Artificial Intelligence of today, the ITAQ introduces a new era of intelligent and unrivaled quantification for the sports industry by providing a spectacular and unique structure of sub-ratings with new and proven algorithm methodologies beyond all our competitors’ possibilities.

Apart from the scientifically sustained and accurate quotation, the ITAQ delivers several sets of informative sub-ratings that include:

  • Head-2-Head Rating
  • Tournament Value and Rating
  • Momentum-Rating
  • In-Tour Snapshot Value
  • Court-Performance Rating
  • Tennis Club Rating Index
  • Tennis City Rating Index

Thanks to a highly intelligent data processing, the ITAQ will be able to accurately define the career conditional benchmark and potential of a professional tennis player or promising new talent.
Furthermore, the structure of ITAQ foresees the integration of a scientific SDAQ (Secondary EDAQS) that evaluates the importance of a location or city within the global tennis circuit. The processing algorithms have been verified and revised by a pool of scientists, tennis experts and international analysts, before being released to the development team.

Equipped with a full set of analytical features, technical indicators and functions as well as differentiated and scientific methodologies, the first global tennis rating system aims to become a reliable and powerful system for the global tennis circuit.

Unlike conventional rating programs, the ITAQ offers a unique concept of calculating, quantifying and creating reasonable new information to maximize its benchmarking precision and furthermore, creates a whole structure of important and intelligently calculated and relevant tennis data within an autarchic and transparent system.

Apart from numerous benefits, such as a much higher overall engagement of the tennis players, the hyper-detailed data flow of the ITAQ would also create the world’s biggest and most professional tennis database with a global professional rating system.

In light of the recent betting scandal, the ITAQ could be enhanced with an AI-driven real-time anti-corruption analysis with direct integrated betting data.


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